Abby & Javon-Anniversary Session

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It’s been SO long since I’ve even created a blog post, and not for a lack of new content, but because I’ve been getting my site professionally redesigned!  It’s been a long process and I can’t thank my new friend Heather at Viva La Violet enough for the way she brought my website vision to life! After you read this post feel free to click around on the new site-I’d love to hear what you think!

I have a lot of catching up to do, but here’s a session that I’ve been wanted to share for a very long time-Abby & Javon’s 2 year anniversary! These were taken at our home farm in Pennsylvania, over Memorial Day weekend and one of the rare times that our entire family has been together since Abby and I both got married and moved away. It was such a sweet and fun weekend, and I took about 20 minutes to shoot some anniversary photos in the fields around the farm.

Abby & Javon have quite the sweet story, and I’m sure they’d love to tell you the details but I took the liberty to add on the end of this post the video that I created for their wedding. (It’s a little embarrassing, a little weird, but if you know our family you’ll think it’s funny. Quite funny. Haha)
Abby  and I have been best friends since childhood. We are only a year and 6 months apart so we basically grew up doing everything together. We shared a room till we moved out, could finish each others sentences, and find humor in the same odd things. One of the things that comes along with that is reading the other person even when no one else knows what’s going on. I knew from the first time she met Javon that she had a littttle bit of a crush, even though she would never admit it. And so began a year of texting a few times, seeing him in Ohio and PA occasionally, and Abby telling me “I know he doesn’t like me” and me telling her “OF COURSE he likes you or he wouldn’t keep a line of communication open every few weeks”, etc.

After long months of Javon playing it cool and Abby playing it hard to get, Turns out Javon DID like Abby and when he finally asked her I was SO excited and a little sad at the same time, because when your best friend finds a new best friend it’s always a little sad.

She moved to Ohio and 6 months later I got married and moved to Virginia and our lives changed. We still manage to see each other quite a bit, every chance we get. Abby has a beautiful home and the gift of hospitality and staying at their small town place is always refreshing and wonderful. I love how Abby and Javon compliment each other in marriage and they serve those around them with so much joy.

Abby and Javon celebrated 2 years of marriage in May and we shot these photos with overcast skies and warm spring weather, just like their wedding day. Abby and Javon you are two of my favorite people and I’m so glad you found each other.

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And as promised, this is the little video we sisters created and played at their wedding. We’re not super dramatic people, I promise, it just seems like it! Haha.

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