I grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania and I'm a great believer in  the value of hard work, family, and community, and time away from screens :) I also go barefoot as much as possible, love to laugh, eat ice cream, spend time in the great outdoors, and read a new book on a regular basis. 
Art in any form has always been a passion of mine; as a kid I was obsessed with drawing, painting, and playing music, and when I picked up a camera at age 16 a new passion was born. I love the way photography combines art with real life memories, and I'm constantly looking to improve and perfect this art. I live in Central Virginia and shoot in Charlottesville & surrounding areas, but I'm always willing to travel!
I love hosting people and spending time with them over dinner or coffee, my home and studio are always open, and I'd love to meet you!

Call me jess!


This is my husband, Steve, and my best friend!
Saying yes to him was the best decision I've ever made. We met through mutual friends and after 2 years of long road trips from Pennsylvania to Virginia, we got married and I moved down to this state that I now happily call home.
I like to say that he's sweet and I'm salty; he's one of the kindest and most unselfish people I know and he always thinks the best of people. 
We both love the country and farm life, are a bit introverted, eat sushi on a regular basis, and love spending evenings at home together, sitting on the porch. He built me a beautiful photography studio and supports me in my business in the very best way. 

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my big, crazy family

mint chocolate chip ice cream (the green kind!)

classical music

Wide open spaces

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