You might be wondering what photography and ghosts have to do with each other. Let me explain.

Every photographer has had this happen to them. An inquiry email, saying something along the lines of, “Hi! I’m interested in booking a wedding with you!” And followed by more information about the wedding and requesting information from you. I  email them back in a timely fashion (for me it means a couple of hours or less) with all of the information, pricing, and details that they were asking about, and (probably some questions because EVERY wedding inquiry makes me SUPER EXCITED!!!! ) looking to continue the conversation.

Nothing. Crickets.

A couple of days go by, and I’ll send a follow up email, asking if they would like to talk about anything else in regards to their inquiry.

Nothing. It’s like they disappeared into thin air.

If you haven’t already figured it out, wedding photographers don’t all believe in the little white spooky figures that most people think of when you say “ghosts.” But ghosting? That’s what I just described to you, and it’s a real thing!
It happens to us frequently, especially photographers who are on the Wedding Wire or a similar site. Inquiries come in, we respond back, and nothing.

Now let me say this; I’m NOT saying that all inquiries that I get should automatically be turned into bookings! Not every photographer is the right fit for a couple, and finding the right photographer for your price point and style may mean talking to several different people in the business.

But here are several things to consider before ghosting someone.

  1. Common courtesy.

    If you and I were sitting down to meet over coffee and discuss wedding photography as I like to do with my couples, I don’t think you would ask me a few questions, have me answer them, and then just walk out the door without saying another word. That would be considered incredibly rude, not to mention strange. However in our email age, this is done ALL the time! Is email the same as a face to face conversation? No. But I do think that an email saying “I’ve done some more research and I don’t think we are quite the right fit” or “the price is just not in my budget” is a courteous way to me know that this inquiry is not going to work out.

  2. It’s not offensive for me if you don’t book.

    Inquiries don’t turn into bookings for various reasons, and it’s never offensive to find out that a couple isn’t the right fit for my business. I totally understand! But instead of just ignoring the following email in your inbox, take a few seconds to reply and let me know. It will save me time in follow up emails, and free up dates for other potential clients

  3. I’d love to help you find the right person.

    Maybe your price point is a little lower, or you’re looking for a specific style or package that I don’t offer. I will absolutely point you to a photographer who is better suited to fit your exact needs. I know of people in the business and I’m more than happy to help you find someone who is the perfect fit for you!

Let me be the first to say that not everyone is like this. Most of my clients have been incredibly wonderful in their communication, and I’m so thankful for each of them! They have made my job easy. I’m also assuming that most people who do ghost don’t even think about that they might be doing it. I understand people have busy lives and sometimes emails fall through the cracks. However, a quick, 30 second note to a potential vendor that says, “Sorry but I don’t think it’s going to work out for this reason”, or, “I will get back to you on this after a few weeks” instead of just crickets, can go a long way in helping us understand what’s happening on your end.

So no, we don’t all believe in little white ghosts, but we all believe in ghosting. But if you’re a new bride planning a wedding, you can change that, with a simple response email.

Happy Wednesday friends!


I’m just a 25 year old who loves taking photos of insanely beautiful couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves; I’m always learning new things and trying to make my business better! More about me here, or email me if you want to chat about booking your date, at! Follow me on Instagram to see more of what goes on during the week!

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